Reasons why we won't be holding back on the creme eggs this Easter…

9th Mar 2018

Chocolate is good for you!
With Easter just around the corner it got us wondering, can chocolate actually be good for you?  Well everyone knows that anything in moderation, (including the yummy sugary stuff) is ok, but can we really gorge on it over Easter and not feel guilty?  Well the answer is YES….especially if you’re smoothing it all over your body!
That’s right, there are actually lots of reasons why chocolate is good for you and your body. 
Chocolate is packed full of antioxidants which can have a dramatic anti-ageing effect.  These friendly antioxidants fight against free-radical damage in your skin.  When combining chocolate and body butter to make Cocoa Butter this winning pair both moisturises and nourishes your skin fantastically. An added bonus is the fact it smells like chocolate too, which is enough to lift anyone’s mood!
But as long as we don’t eat all the chocolate in Devon then it’s true – Chocolate is good for you!
Here’s 3 reasons why we won’t be holding back on the creme eggs this year:

  1. Chocolate contains actual feel-good chemicals called serotonin and dopamine. These help to boost your mood and keep you feeling motivated
  2. Dark chocolate in particular is a real winner! A 45g bar of dark chocolate contains 12% of your recommended daily intake of iron.  So when you crave chocolate maybe it’s just your body trying to correct an imbalance!
  3. Milk chocolate is crammed full of essential vitamins such as B1, B2 and E as well as vital minerals such as potassium, zinc and of course calcium.

To celebrate this revelation we have decided to launch a new Spa Day Package at Hartland House Spa using the main ingredient of chocolate, Cocoa.   The Warming Cocoa Spa Afternoon is a Limited Edition package especially for Easter:
Warming Cocoa Spa Afternoon
So what are you waiting for?  Book today and do yourself and your body a favour.  Call us on 01237 441407.