Meet the team

Here at Hartland House Spa we pride ourselves in the amazing talents of our Beauty Therapists.   All of our Therapists have a wealth of knowledge collected over years of experience working in the health and beauty industry.  We like to think we have some of the best therapists in the area, if not the world!



Manager of Hartland House Spa

Melissa grew up at Hartland House and created Hartland House Spa in 2010. She lived in Hartland until she was 18 before leaving to go to University. She was then lured in by the bright lights of London, before later returning home to North Devon to follow a dream and start up the Spa.


Beauty Therapist and Spa Receptionist

Colleen left Petroc in 2007 where she studied Beauty Therapy Sciences. After leaving college she worked at a local Spa before moving onto a Salon environment. She joined us 4 years ago and now works as a senior therapist and also on reception.


Beauty Therapist and Spa Receptionist

Natalie has been working at Hartland House for just over 2 years. She is a fully qualified Beauty Therapist who really enjoys doing nail treatments and body treatments. She also works on our Reception desk.


Beauty Therapist

Kirsty trained to be a Beauty Therapist at Petroc. Since qualifying she has worked at Salons and has been with us for just over a year. She particularly enjoys carrying out massage and nail treatments.


Beauty Therapist

Sarah has been a qualified Beauty Therapist for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience in the industry. She has worked in Spas and Beauty Salons and is particularly interested in aromatherapy and making people feel relaxed with soothing massages.